And it goes so well too because the sun has been so delicious and inviting. An unusually off and on Spring has yielded us Californians of the Central Valley a bipolar summer filled with record lows and record highs. This summer I realized exactly how much I am drawn to nature and all things magical. Its an indescribable pull. I just have it. Since childhood I have loved the moon, in my child's eye, it was something mysterious and odd. I remember getting the car to go home one night and the moon was full. It took me as wonderful. I eyed the Moon the entire ride, telling my Mom in wonder, concern and delight "The Moon is following us." And pregnancy had brought about the same glory with the sun.
At the end of my pregnancy during March I started craving the Sun. When the Sun is out, its like a calling, beckoning me to enjoy it's rays I hate being inside on a nice warm day. I have to go out and enjoy it. I've always been enthralled and affected by the seasons, the cycle of life has always been tied to the seasons for me since as young as 1st-2nd grade, I remember having to memorize the seasons and the only way I could was to think of the seasons as the cycle of life.
Nature has been there. I have been drawn to apartments that look very woodsy the reason why I love my apartment. It is filled with trees. And even my patio is umbrellaed by one of those massive trees, even though it is a pain, pain, PAIN! to manage the leaves the inevitably fall each year onto my patio. The last two summers and fall I seen to find myself writing in my journal about my tree. Last year, I wrote about my tree and how I loved its presence since it made me feel the seasons, attuned to seasons coming just by the tree. This year I adored the shade. I found myself with a feeling of freedom this Summer and Spring, I couldn't be inside- Outside has been my best friend. I love sitting on my patio, shaded by my tree reading or writing. It has set the pace for my ever growing lust for a house. While HGTV is to credit for me wanting to buy a house over a renting either apartment or house. My lust for writing outside guided and set my outlook for a backyard for Hayden thus me realizing I need a house. Hayden often occupied me on my writing journeys to play outside, mostly with his easel. Best B-day gift ever!
My love for nature has lead me to house hunt outside the city, plus in pregnancy I really wanted Hayden to have a liking or at least a respect for it.

Pictures of My tree and Journal, the entry I am writing is the same posted here. :)

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